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2021-2022 Staff


​PrincipalM. Senick 
​Vice-Principal K. Copfer
​Administrative Assistants

A. Amberg

Y. Lovelace

​Educational Assistants

​K. Smale

C. McTeer

J. Fleming

L. Wainman

T. Whitehead 


L . Shelson and  A. Gore

j. Chasmer and S. Lonjak

C. Thompson and J. Hoogstad

Kindergarten/Grade 1

​Grade 1

J. Taylor 

C. Spataro

​Grade 2

Grade 2

Grade 2

Grade 2
M. Baird 

T. Bossence 

C. Manske 

C. DeGrace (Learn@Home) 
Grade 3 

Grade 3 
 D. Oliver 

 L. Rosniak
Grade 4

Grade 4/5 
​P. MacDonald

J. Kell
​Grade 5 

Grade 5 

Grade 5/6

Grade 5/6 

Grade 6

Grade 6/7
N. Pouliot 

N. Quealey (FI)

C. Lord 

J. Meloche (FI) 

K. Woods

C. Jazwinski (FI) 
​Grade 7

Grade 7/8

Grade 7/8

Grade 8

Grade 8 
L. Campbell-Holliday 

E. Smith 

N. Armstrong (FI) 

​B. Smale 

K. Boyd (FI) 
​Planning Time

M. Rollings

B. Eng

C. Davis 

A. Wallace

​Core FrenchV. Montalban-Jones 

​L. Kestle

L. Jones

M. McGuire

L. Chowen 

​Library J. Longthorne
​CustodiansD. Cunliffe

C. Latour