Welcome to our Library Learning Commons!

Students are encouraged to visit the library regularly.

What is a library learning commons?

Learning Commons Definition

Kindergarten to Grade 3 students have a scheduled library time.

Grade 4 to 8 students have theopportunity to visit the Library during the first 100 minutes each day to exchange their library books.

Responsibility of Borrowed Library Books

Each student is responsible for taking care of his/her library books and/or magazines. We expect students to keep these materials in a dry, safe, clean place, away from pets and smaller children. Students are responsible for returning their library materials on time.

Book Exchange Information for Students

Kindergarten and Grade One Students: One book for One Week
Grades Two, Three, Four, Five Students: Two books for One Week
Grades Six, Seven, Eight Students: Two books for Two Weeks

Number of books borrowed by students may change depending on student's borrowing history.

Young Adult Literature

Young adult literature, also known as adolescent literature, is written for and about teens. Some of the common characteristics found in adolescent literature are the teenage main character and a plot that relates to teenagers' problems or events in their lives. The story is presented from an adolescent's point of view so that the reader can understand the way in which teenagers relate to the people and events in their lives.

Young Adult Literature can be used to:

  • get students reading
  • explore gender issues
  • help students understand cultural differences

Any student who would like to borrow Young Adult books from our school library and is not in Grade 7 or 8 must have parental permission. A written note must be given to Ms. Longthorne